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Tips for Crime Prevention

  • Keep indoor/outdoor lights on (use a timer if possible)
  • Don't let newspapers, mail or UPS notices pile up
  • Let neighbors and/or the police know if you are going out of town
  • Request a “house watch” by filling out the form located on the www.BriarwyckHOA.com website and drop it off at the Police Station. The police will make periodic drive-bys and specifically keep a closer watch on your home while you’re gone.
  • Don't leave common theft items visible in your car
  • Close garage and front door
  • Avoid placing boxes on curb that advertise expensive purchase items
  • Be visible and make eye contact with people who drive by; be polite, yet watchful
  • Know your neighbors; encourage periodic gatherings
  • Have your home alarm monitored and armed
  • Place alarm signs in yard and/or stickers on windows
  • Ensure solicitors know you’re home (there’s no need to answer the door)
  • Call the police non-emergency number if you see anything suspicious
  • Never approach suspicious characters
  • Call your block captains if you have any security concerns


Potential Suspicious Activity

  • Unfamiliar vehicles; parked in someone’s driveway or driving up and down the street
  • Garage or front door open
  • U-haul parked in driveway
  • Solicitors (during normal hours or not)
  • Late night activity or construction crews
  • Guys with masks carrying big screen TV out of house



Roanoke Police Department (non-emergency) - 817-491-6052

Crime Watch Block Captains - crimewatch@briarwyckhoa.com